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Warrington Heritage Loop

The Warrington Heritage loop is a wonderful 4-mile trail! This pleasant walk gives you the chance to take in all the wonders of the New Cut Trail, Woolston Eyes, the River Mersey and the Manchester Ship Canal all in one day.

This trail passes through the New Cut Trail, Woolston Lock, Woolston Weir, Woolston Eyes, Manchester Ship Canal, Latchford Locks, Westy Park, Westy Point, Paddington Bank and Paddington Meadows, before returning to New Cut.


  • This loop is 6.5km (4 miles) in total
  • The trail starts and ends at the Woolston Neighbourhood Hub (WA1 4JT)
  • Free parking is available at the Woolston Neighbourhood Hub
  • Refreshments can be found at places such as: Café Ocho and The Pickering Arms
  • Please ensure that your wear sensible footwear and clothing
  • Stay hydrated!
  • This route is available on Strava


We recommend that you start this amazing trail from Woolston Neighbourhood Hub WA1 4PN where there is free parking, then walk in a westerly direction down Hall Road and turn left onto Laburnum Avenue.

At the end of Laburnum Avenue turn right onto Manchester Road and cross over at the traffic lights, heading left in an easterly direction towards the Hope and Anchor Pub. Opposite there is a difficult to spot track take a right down there in a southerly direction.

Follow along the track until you reach the New Cut Heritage Trail. At a T junction, turn left and head in an easterly direction. Eventually you will reach the Old Woolston Lock. Cross over the bridge over the River Mersey, then turn right, past Woolston Eyes, onto the Manchester Ship Canal.

Follow the Manchester Ship Canal towards Thelwall Lane. Continue straight over at the roundabout on Thelwall Lane, and take the 2nd road on the right, Nook Lane.

At the end of Nook Lane at the junction with Ash Acre Meadows take the footpath up past West Hall Care Home, then go left when the path forks behind the care home, and take the next left across the field at Westy Park.

After you pass the community centre (keep to your left), and pick up the path on the Mersey Walk. At the end of the Mersey Walk, look right and go onto the path to Westy Point.

Follow the River Mersey until you reach the Kinsgway Bridge.

Take the left hand side ramp to get you over the bridge in a northerly direction this involves walking along the side of a busy road (Kingsway North).

At the other side of the bridge turn right onto the Paddington Bank – the footpath alongside the River Mersey in a general easterly direction.

Once you reach signs for the New Cut Heritage Trail, at the junction with Bennett Avenue you are back to the “Cuts”.

Follow the New Cut Heritage in an easterly direction for approximately 600 metres to pick up the track that eventually leads to the Rope and Anchor Pub on Manchester Road. Turn left towards the Traffic lights then up to Laburnum Avenue and right towards Woolston Neighbourhood Hub and the end of this trail.


For anyone wanting to view the route or those of you who fancy the route but don’t have the time to walk it, watch the following video where The Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s, Adam Berry, will take you along this incredible route!

Adam Berry’s Walk- Warrington Heritage Loop - YouTube


Find this route on Strava by following the link below:

Warrington Heritage loop with audio | 12.1 km Walking Route on Strava


For a printable leaflet of the trail, follow the link below:

Warrington Heritage Loop | Carbon Landscapes


For those of you who are interested in the vast history of the sites along this trail, check out our accompanying audio "Timewalk of the Mersey Corridor". The information for this was put together by our wonderful team and the incredible people and volunteers who live in Warrington. With the narration done by the amazing Ed Darling.

Timewalk of the Mersey Corridor