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Volunteering drove forward essential action for a bigger, better more joined up Carbon Landscape that puts volunteers at its forefront by upskilling, supporting, and enabling local action. The programme significantly overachieved its targets!


  • Registered volunteers target 500 achieved 633
  • Volunteers trained as Landscape Champions target 20 achieved 30
  • 526 people inspired by Landscape Champions
  • 2 Volunteer promotion campaigns
  • +500 hectares enhanced as a result of volunteer activity

Conservation volunteers spear headed reimagining wildlife corridors and stepping stones. Similarly, volunteers were the stalwarts of other aspects of the Carbon Landscape which included overseeing capital works, leading walks, working with school groups, events and plenty of litterpicks (we did a lot!).

Volunteering effects everyone differently. For a lot of the Friends groups with retired members it is a way to keep fit, learn new skills and have a social life.

“Every day is a school day on the Carbon Landscape”.

“I’m constantly learning in this role by physically doing something, shadowing staff members or attending training days. I’m now equipped to help manage habitats and educate others in landscape restoration.” Annie Dixon Volunteer Placement

One volunteer reported that because they were a GP, it was difficult to connect in the community because people would just want to discuss their ailments in the supermarket! However, post-retirement engagement with Flashes has given them purpose and friendships and newfound wildlife knowledge.

This project has provided quite an interesting route for those changing their ‘life plans’.

“This gave me a unique level of exposure and access to situations and experiences, which have fundamentally accelerated my development and understanding of the career paths ahead of me. Working with my volunteer co-ordinator I found that my development objectives switched focus regularly. This presented me with the opportunity to try new things and led me to finding what I truly enjoy” Stuart Manning Volunteer Placement (Stu went on to become a trainee).

From Volunteer Co-ordinator Steve Ormerod

“A massive Thank You to all the intrepid volunteers! They have braved the elements, sacrificed their time and lent us their strength, skill and humour. Essentially the Carbon Landscape could not have achieved what it did without volunteers.”

This project has given local people a voice for their landscape, raising awareness of its importance within the wider community by celebrating its heritage, and developing a sense of pride and place.

We have achieved a wide range of landscape scale projects and we believe effective co-ordination of volunteer effort is crucial to the restoration of important habitats addressing areas where connectivity is its priority aim.

How you can get involved: 

If you would like to volunteer with us then check out our Volunteer section for more information. 

Contact the Carbon Landscape Partnership Team:
Telephone: 01942 246415