Great Manchester Wetlands

Formed in 2011, the Great Manchester Wetlands Partnership is delivering a landscape-scale community and natural heritage programme, aiming to restore a nature recovery network of wildlife sites and corridors. This will allow wetland species to survive and thrive in the face of increasing environmental pressures such as climate change.

Bringing together experts from over 20 organisations, the partnership works together for nature by restoring habitats, reintroducing lost species and engaging local communities with the wonderful wetland world on their doorstep.

The Great Manchester Wetlands is a unique and diverse landscape of water, fen, wet grassland, wet woodland and lowland raised bog. It is a Nature Improvement Area covering some 48,000 hectares, including the wetlands of Wigan (The Flashes), the peatlands of Chat Moss and Risley Moss to the west and southwest of Manchester, and the Mersey wetlands corridor stretching from Rixton to Warrington.

The Carbon Landscape Partnership is the first delivery project of the Great Manchester Wetlands but the project has gone on to deliver the Re-Introduction Species Project.