Celebrating Joseph Evans

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Joseph Evans is an important historical figure in Boothstown and Worsley. In the nineteenth century Joseph Evans gathered medicinal plants from the local mosses to heal people, earning him the title of the ‘Boothstown Botanist.’ Artist Mitch Robinson has worked with children from St Mark and St Andrews Primary schools to explore where Joseph Evans had gathered his plants and could learn about them from the Lancashire Wildlife Team. Back at the school the children had a think about what their ideal plant would look like and what superpower it would have – with beautiful and humorous work produced that would have inspired Joseph Evans himself, who could turn down a plant after all that emits caramel or changes into a wolf? The children’s work was designed into a book of postcards so that these can be sent to friends and family to spread the word about our wonderful mosses and the work of Joseph Evans – as well as show casing the children’s creativity!